True Solid Aluminium Solutions


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CASA Systems understands the current difficulties faced by the cladding industry and can supply a unique and compliant solution.

One of the best options comes in the form of Novelis FF2® pre-painted aluminium with a 2 mm thickness, which has been developed specifically for building facade cladding in ventilated and non-ventilated construction systems.

The CASA H25 Cassette Panel System is unlike any other system. It is solidly folded and delivers a True Solid Aluminium non-combustible solution.

CASA Systems True Solid Aluminium Solution can also potentially use existing sub-frames as a 2mm panel is approximately equivalent in weight to current non-compliant ACP. This saves time, money and maintains design intent when assessing re-cladding options for non-compliant buildings.

We now have an opportunity to provide a better designed façade methodology without compromising performance or safety.

  • Non-combustible
  • Interlocking panel system – no visible/direct fixings
  • The integrity of paint and panel is maintained as no routing, no reinforcing and no silicone is required
  • No caulking, silicone or double-sided tape
  • PVdF coated (Polyvinylidene difluoride)
  • Flashing feed material available
  • Rainscreen provides auto drainage and ventilation
  • The system is relatively maintenance free
  • Similar weight ratio to existing non-compliant ACP (4mm)
  • Minimum material warranty of 20 y ears and up to 40 y ears for approved projects, with a paint life span of more than 75yrs
  • 100% recyclable for our collective futures

Worldwide Examples of Novelis FF2